Grade 6


My essay for the meaning of home

Meaning of Home BY milan d’souza
Gr.6 mme sutanto from cedarbrook p.s. – dec 20 / 2018
What is home? My home is a place to HAVE FUN and RELAX.
I can always come home and do WHATEVER I want!!! (Well, almost anything – not stuff that is dumb or dangerous!).

It is a place of PRIVACY where I can express my emotions to my family (mostly my parents ) and it will not get exposed outside. I can use the bathroom at home and not have to ask or feel weird.

It’s the place where I get the best SLEEP. In my own bed, I feel the most comfortable and brave. When I get home from somewhere, and get in the door, I feel really SAFE like I’ve got 1000 soldiers protecting our family.

I get HOME COOKED MEALS most days from my parents. I am so lucky to have parents like that because they know my taste and what I like to eat. I get to eat ICE CREAM I like (not chunky tofu ice cream) and watch my FAVOURITE T.V., which is the NBA (especially Lakers, Raptors, Phili and Boston).

My home is where I don’t get “IN TROUBLE” for saying something “BAD”.

Most of all, home is a place where I always want to be – no matter where I go and even if I fail, I can always come back home!