Grade 5


My Delightful Home

My home is special and yours is too, and it does not matter if it is old or new.
Home is where friends and family have fun, playing games, singing songs until the day is done.
Home matters only of what you think and not of others, at my house I have my mom, my dad and me and Dylan as brothers.
My house protects me from storms, keeping me happy, healthy and warm.
My bed is where I sleep, read and lie down when I am sad, my bed is far from bad.
I think everyone should have a home, or at least a place to call their own.
I feel so pleasant inside my home, because in it I will never be alone.
Every home is special, every home is cool; My home is awesome and yours is too. But remember it does not matter if it is old or new, small or big, it only matters what you think…