Grade 5


My Delighted Home

My home is where my heart is lovely, kind and sweet. I feel loved. My home makes me feel safe. Sadly not everyone has a house and that means that everyone does not have the same hope and joy as me. I will tell me what my house means to me joy, love and I feel happy. As we wake up in the morning so does my house. My house is not very big and fancy but that is ok here is a little rule you should never judge a house by its look. Home is where my heart is home is where I stay home is where I even laugh and play. I’m sighing when we have have some bad days but we always get through them home is a very safe place my mom and dad talk in the house I feel safe in my house I love my food, love very lovey my home is very lovely at home you always feel calm. Home is where I get happiness from.