Grade 5

British Columbia

My definition of home

For me home means a place not just where I live, but it’s a place where I learn, play, and grow up. When I was smaller, I would ask my dad to draw a floor plan of his homes when he was a kid. He’s lived in quite a few homes, but the floor plans were always very detailed and accurate (he’s not an architect or interior designer, just saying). This goes to show you that your home is a pretty big part of your life. My home is also a place where my family can just be ourselves, and will always be welcomed there no matter what.
I think that the difference between a house and a home is that a house is simply a building, but a home is a place with love poured into it. A person/family loves that place, and it seems it loves you back. A home has everything a person needs. It really doesn’t matter how huge, or how tiny your home is, it just has to be functional, if you love it. But how do make your home feel like your home? I think that the things that you put in your home can really help distinguish your home from others. No I didn’t mean your I pad or computer, what I meant was something that is important to your family. For example all over my home there are pictures that my grandpa took, and there’s also a coffee table that’s been passed down for generations. If these items weren’t there, honestly, I don’t think it would feel like home. I think that it’s sad that not everyone has a home, and I’m very grateful. Thanks to my family and friends, who help me make memories in my home.