Grade 6


My Definition of Home

My home is not like any other home. It is where I have made memories of my own.
It is where I have lived my whole life. It has never given me pain and strife.

My home is a place of happiness.
My home will never let me down.
My home will never make me frown.

My home has more than just a few walls and floors.
It is a strong structure that is beautiful than the beach and the shores.
My house is amazing and makes me feel well.

My home is strong, it lifts my family and helps me learn when I am wrong.
My home gets me through my times where I want to cry.
My house is a place where I can feel good as I look at the sky.

We can do more to help people live like us.
We must help those people who can’t afford things and must live in a box.
We are so fortunate that we can have daily walks.
My home is like a turtle, and I am its shell.
My home is as magical as a magic spell!

I think it’s about time we do something for others, instead of just helping our sisters and brothers. I
think it’s about time we should focus, instead of doing useless bogus.
It’s about time we change our ways, give people a time to say “horary”.

This year we will not feel alone, we will all have a home.
This year we don’t use our savings on ourselves.
This year we do something different, and do not go past people like shelves. This year we put more thought into our actions.
Let’s give people some happy reactions. This year there is a change.
This year we won’t let those people be ashamed.