Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador

My Definition of A Home

A home to me is a lovely place
It’s not just four wall a roof and a big empty space

It’s a place to be grateful
And to be thankful

It is a place
You can rely on
It is a space
You can depend on

My home is where I play
With my family and friends every day

It’s where I made memories every year
And I still remember them all crystal clear

My home is where I’ve grown
It’s where i’ve become my own
It’s where I learned to talk
And were I learned to walk

Every home is different
Big, Small,
Short, or tall
But it’s a special place for all

A home is filled with love and laughter
Every chapter ends with a happily ever after

By writing this poem
I am hoping that this will help someone receive a home