Grade 5

Caistor Centre

My Cozy Home

My home means so much to me,
For many reasons as you will soon see.
When I’m driving home, I’m glad I’m on my way
Because I think of my home every day.
Climbing our willow tree is something I like.
On our driveway I go for rides on my bike.
In my kitchen I really love to bake Delicious cookies for my family to take.
I love my warm room made especially for me
And my comfortable bed as soft as could be.
At home I play Lego with my sisters and brother.
I also enjoy talking with my father and mother.
Games with my family I do enjoy to play.
I wish I could stay home every moment of the day.
The best place on earth is my big blue house,
I would never rather be anywhere else.
No matter how far I travel, no matter how far I roam.
There will never be any place like my own cozy home.