Grade 4


My Cozy Home

Manners. You think manners because everyone is being polite and nice to each other.

Yards. When you enter your home you think yards because there you can play many outside games and have fun.

Cozy. In your home you can feel cozy and warm because it is a shelter.

Occupy. When you live in your home you can occupy your room and make it yours.

Zany. When you are in your home you can be as zany as you want.

Yours. When you have a home it is yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

Happiness. You can feel happiness in your home when you are having home or if your mom, dad or sibling makes you laugh.

Organized. You can organize your belongings however you want in your home.

Memories. You can make memories during sad and happy times in your home.

Entertainment. At your home even if you do not have a tv, you have entertainment like, board games and made up games.