Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc

My Comfort Zone

I love my house, and I love my home. My home is cozy and comfy. My house is big and nice. I have both and live in both together! How can that be? Good question because they are two different things! So what is the difference between them?

In my opinion a house is holding the home together. For example a condominium is the building but inside are the apartments and homes. So really my house is holding my home together. I would say my house is the outside of my comfort zone. When I try new things. When I step outside. There’s a whole new different life when I’m outside. A country that I don’t live in, like the U.S, could be my house. It’s not my home but it’s a place where I visit very often. A house could mean lots of things.

However, a home is something more special than that. A home is not only where I sleep but a home is also built with a family and a community that will always be there for you. A home is your place.

Canada is my home. I feel safe in Canada. I would say my home is like my comfort zone. I have everything I need. Everything I love and want. Everything I’m used to do. All my friends are close to me and my school is close to me. All these things mean home to me. My school, neighborhood, family, friends and country this is all home to me.

In conclusion the meaning of home to me is my comfort zone. What I love, cherish and enjoy most. I think every person out there deserves a good, comfortable and warm home. We are all equal with no differences. What does home mean to you?