Grade 6


My Childhood Memories

The First Story
My home is full of my best childhood memories. When I think of home I think of the funny times in my childhood. My most favourite memory is the time my sisters (Kayleigh and Lilli) and I woke up before our parents and decided we wanted to help by cleaning our kitchen, So we turned on the tap and water started pouring out, Soon the sink was full but we didn’t notice so it started to overflow. While this was happening we were buzzy cleaning our soup can labels off. When we finally noticed and turned the tap off but by then the floor had a layer of water. We started wiping the floor with some paper towel but it was not working. It was just getting soggy and drippy. That’s when we heard someone coming, Kayleigh and I looked at each other for a second and both went to hide under the table leaving Lilli there with the evidence. It worked until we were older and then we told our parents.

The next story
When I was 4, My parents, Kayleigh and I went to my nans for Thanksgiving weekend, On Thanksgiving day I went into a different room then the rest of the family and I came out with my mom’s bra on…

Fun Fact
When I was little I used to call highway 401 The hi-01

We tell our parents everything that we did when we were little and we all laugh now. Our home is full of Warmth, Laughter and Love.

(By Sierra DeWolfe)