Grade 5


My Captivating, Ravishing Home

A home is a place where you and I belong.
A place where you can relax,
Eat food and sing your favourite song.
If you’re feeling down it won’t be long before
you feel happy because
Home is the place that makes you feel strong.
If you’re mad just tell your mom and dad
they will understand.

Home is a place that is blessed by above
A place that will always be filled with love.
A home is where you play,
A special shelter where you can enjoy the day.

At home have fun because soon the day will be done.
Home is a peaceful place to have fun,
A place where you can dance,
Laugh and be happy and fill your heart with love.

Home is where you can stay in your room
Home is where you can go after school.
Home is where the heart belongs
where delight comes all night long.
Without a home I don’t know
Where would we be?

People would be lonely including you and me.
We should be thankful because homes are not free.
Home should be special to you and me.
Home is a wonderful place yes this is true.
It should not matter if it is old or new.
So just now Home is the place for you.