Grade 5

Belle River

My Blessed Home

My Blessed Home
When I’m at home I feel safe because my family is always there to make me feel comfy, safe, happy and secure.
Home makes me feel happy, because that’s where fun times are made. Home is where you come home after school and you see your family waiting to greet you after school.
But with the homeless it’s not that easy for them because, when someone has nowhere to go it absolutely crushes me, that someone has nowhere to go. But these poor families on the street always wish to have somewhere to hang their coat or come home and see dinner ready for them on the table. Or not having a roof above their head. Not to have to stay out in the rain,on the streets with nothing.
Home is where you fight during hard times, not where you give up.
Home is where you don’t worry about not having enough money.
Home is where you don’t need to be worried about having not enough food.
Home is where you are grateful.
We need to start thinking about what we are grateful for and be blessed that we have a home and have enough money, or food, in this amazing life.