Grade 5


My Best and Only Home

Whenever I’m cold,
or buried in snow I wish I
could come home, where I will
be cozy like
in a pillow and warm like in a
Warm hug.
When I’m outside, all in darkness,
it feels like you are alone,
no! you know
you have a beautiful
Who will save you from
getting wet in the rain.
Home is your super
hero, when you need it.
With love to my home I’m writing
this poem.
I’m saying, to you!
You are different, you think differently,
and home will be different to you.
But we all know that the place
Where we are always
welcome is home!
No matter if it’s small, or big.
No matter if you are moving another house or
Before you’r love ones is
With you everything will be the same.
No matter what you
Who with you
that matters.
Homeless people doesn’t
have happiness that gives you home.
That’s why we are happy at home!