Grade 5

British Columbia

My Beloved Home

My Beloved Home

Today I was thinking when our teacher said we have to write about our home and the first thing that came up to my mind was the name I said in my mind “My beloved home- it’s perfect!”.

So here I am writing about my home. So my home is tiny but somehow it feels so big. It’s nice and cozy and has a lot of light and the backyard is very peaceful.

I have two cats in my home witch makes it also very crazy too. I’m going to start in my room my room has a chair, a bed, a dresser and a closet in my closet I have a huge collection of these little animals and their houses I LOVE setting them up, and I have to say that my cat uses my chair more than I do.

My room is a nice lavender color and I have a carpet that my friends admire so much they absolutely love it it’s actually kind of funny watching them when they come in my room and say “the carpet!”, then immediately lye on it.

Anyway I have one living room, one tv room, one playroom, three rooms, three bathrooms, a dining room, a kitchen and an office slash art room . I have a whole bunch of couches in my house we also have a whole bunch of beds.

Our dining room looks out too our back yard, it is attached to our living room but theirs not a wall. That room has a lot of windows so it’s very bright, it’s one of my favourite rooms after my bedroom. I also love the art room slash office because I love doing art in there. Anyway thats it for my house thank you for reading!