Grade 5

Red Deer

My Beautiful House

When I get up from my bed, I see the Beautiful sunlight streaming through my window.
When I go downstairs, I see a Beautiful little rainbow on the wall, with sunlight all around the rainbow. When I’m Home, I feel safe. My Home is where I can be myself. As I walk into my House and see the smiles on my family’s faces, I immediately feel surrounded by love and care. When I get in, all I want to see is the smile on my family’s faces. When I get in, my dogs run up to me and lick me on the face. It feels as if my House is a big bear. It’s soft on the inside and rough on the outside. My Home isn’t alive until my family and I move in. It doesn’t have a heart until me and my family come in. My Home isn’t just a Home, and neither is your Home. Home is where you grow up, where you live, laugh, and love.