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Newfoundland and Labrador

My Beautiful Home


My beautiful home is a wonderful place
Its where I always have a smile on my face

My home is nice, sometimes we eat rice
I wouldn’t sell my home for any price

I love my home and my garden gnome
My dog is cool. He doesn’t like when I go to school

I love my cozy room, it’s the best I assume
My bathroom smells like perfume

I love my special family
My bed is where I dream happily

My house is more than just four walls
I wish it had some bathroom stalls
But it doesn’t and that’s ok
It might happen another day

I love my home
Sometimes we see drones
When I tell my friends
They say I don’t
What if they’re right?
What do I see at night?
Is it just a dream?
Is a big beam?
Does it shine down from the moon?
Maybe I will find out soon

Just stick with the plan
Of writing about your hand
Wait that’s not right
Were supposed to be writing about our cozy home
We all are writing for those in need
Yes yes indeed!

Were having fun every day
At my home we love to play

If i win first prize
You can come and see the size

Come play in this big land
By my home you have no commands!