Grade 4


My Beautiful Home

I love my home, it is blue with a big window in the front. A living room that comforts and a T.V to occupy. Sometimes it’s quiet however, most of the time it’s booming loud! My home takes me to far away lands where dreams come true and happiness fills the air and joy in the clouds.

I cherish my neighborhood a bunch I have a back field and the nicest people to live in the neighborhood with me. We’d play day and night non stop.My neighbor always greets us as sweet as a sweet tart and he give us sweet tarts too. My neighborhood friends always treat me very caring sweet and loving. My home is loving, when I am down and my home picks me up!

Home to me is a place to express my feelings and to be honest. As family we also give and share, but sometimes not. We love playing pretend school and jumping around most of the time we get carried away, like right this second. My sisters always cheer me up when they’re down and I cheer them up too. I just don’t know how to explain how my house is to me. My home makes me feel energetic, excited, loved, beautiful with cherished christian people. Every day I wake up in my home to my beautiful family. I hope everyone has a place to call home!