Grade 5


My Awesome Life at Home

Hello, I am ten years old and I have Celiac’s Disease. That means can’t eat wheat (gluten). I have one sister. She is two years older than me. She has a liver disease, so she has to take pills every morning and every night.
My dad is really fun. He is forty two, and he is a pastor at our church. My mom is also forty two. She used to be a teacher, now she is a substitute. We also have a pet dog named Angel.
This is an average day for me: wake up, do all of my morning jobs, eat breakfast, play with my sister until school. After school, my sister and I watch tv and play until supper. After supper, I’ll practice piano and my sister will practice violin. Then we will watch tv and play until bedtime.
Home is very special to me, it means many things. It means having a safe place to live, a shelter and a family who takes care of me and loves me. In our family we spend time together because that’s what’s really important.