Grade 5

Sturgeon County

My awesome house

My house makes me very comfortable because I have lived there my whole life, but some people don’t have a house that has memories and is comfortable.

My house also makes me feel good because when I get home I can see my family and my pets, but some people can’t go home and see their pets and family because they don’t have a home.

I am very happy I have a home because I can be protected and not get wet from the rain, but some people don’t have shelter from the rain they don’t have a roof to go under or a home to go under.

I have to share a room with my sister but i am still grateful I have a room with clothes and a bunk bed, but some people don’t have room or even a bed.

I also love our deck and our yard because I can plant purple flowers and look off the deck at the birds, but some people without homes don’t have decks they don’t get to plant flowers they don’t have a nice place to stay and watch birds.

We have a laundry room and I am happy we do so I can have clean clothes everyday (so I don’t smell like stinky grandpas my mom says I smell like that), but other people don’t have clean clothes everyday they have muddy clothes or don’t even have clothes.

We also have a fridge and a kitchen and I am very grateful we even have one so we can cook food, but some people don’t have food and water or even a fridge.