Grade 5

Newfoundland and Labrador

My Awesome Home

My Awesome Home

Every day after school I do my homework and hear a loud bark. It’s because my mom is finally home after a hard day’s work and my dogs are excited to see her. Home is the best place to let out your feelings and talk about what you want when you want, to have it’s love and family that helps you when you need it.

Home to me is when I touch a cold door knob to get in. When I walk in and smell my Mom’s special cookies baked and laid on the counter. Home is when I taste one of those freshly baked cookies. Then I feel a gentle kiss on my cheek when I open the porch door. Home is when I hear my dogs barking because they’re excited to see me.

Home to me is not a big fancy mansion or being rich with lots of electronics and computers. It’s love and support. It’s where you can get up and make breakfast in your pj’s.

Home is where there is love and memories are created friends are present always and family is forever. May love be in the heart of this delightful home.