Grade 5


My Awesome Home!

My Awesome Home!
What home means to me!
The difference between a home and a house is that a house is just a building where you have a roof, walls and furniture, and a home is a place where you and your family are happy and safe.

My home is a place where my family and I get to: Share different feelings and emotions with each other; I know that I can share my feelings and thoughts with my sister because I trust my sister, and when I feel bad or sad I can go to my sister and talk to her.

A place where I am safe; I know i’m safe because I have a family that loves me. I know they love me because they make good choices for me and make me comfortable.

A place where I have fun and make memories; my family and I make memories everyday by doing fun things like watching movies, playing games, and playing with each other, without a home I can’t make memories, and do lots of things, I am so grateful to have a home.

That is why I feel happy, safe and loved at my home.
That’s what home means to me!