Grade 4


My Awesome, Extraordinary Home

I turn the key to open the door
My home welcomes me inside
Home is a place I can be myself
To show my amazing love and pride
Home is more than a roof and a wall
It’s a place I can go to when I fall
Tears will perish and fun will be born
Inside my house, big and warm

Home is more than the outside
What truly matters is what’s inside
The plants, the furniture and most importantly, the people inside and so much more
If I didn’t have a home, I wouldn’t know what to do anymore

Home is a place where I can do my homework
Home is a place where I can cook some pork
Home is a place to make many accomplishments
Home is a place where I can keep and treasure my memories

May everyone have a home
A place they can call their own
May everyone live the life
Life can be filled with pain and strife
But if you work hard
You can do this

Home is a special place to me
A rainbow in a world of darkness
It’s a place I can call my own
I love home, and home loves me

Written by David Gevorgyan