Grade 5


My Amzing Super Incredible Home

At home, I feel safe
I feel cared for
I feel
Thankful for
The amazing food that’s put on the
For me to eat
For my cozy
Bed full of… STUFFIES!
For my fun amazing home
Where I, eat, sleep and breath.
Stay warm as a big fluffy blanket by the beautiful fire
To me my house is a happy place
Have fun to laugh and to play.
Make even more cool memorize. It’s a place that interest me inspires me
A place…
To be calm it’s a place
To watch a good movie with friends or family.
I am thankful for all my things
It’s a place I could do what I want
A place to be free
I feel everyone should have a home
To walk into with love, kindness and joy
It’s a place you will be happy and proud
At home I feel lucky for all the stuff I have
A home can hold everything you have
A home id as good as the very best place on earth
Even when its quiet or loud
Everyone should have a home