Grade 4


My amazing home

In my home I live with my family. Without my home I would be on the street and I will be there in the cold, summer(hot), stormy weather, blizzard or a sand storm. I would not be here by now if my mom did not have a home. My house is really really special to me. If we did not have a home my sister and brother and I would not be at school. My brother and sister make me laugh, smile, get mad and help me think of how to be a better sister to them.

If my mom and dad and I did not have enough money for a house they would not be there and I will not think about trying to be a better person. My home is a happy place and I really really really love my house. I love love love love love love love my mom, dad, sister and brother. In my family I don’t feel alone because I have everyone around me. My home to me is the people protecting me.

In my house I can make so many types of books with paper like my comic is working on! At home I can do hairstyles on my favorite baby alive like some braids and ponytails. At home we have my mom’s whole made food like orange rice. I like to have my own room because every night I get to watch some Gacha videos on my Ipad.