Grade 5

British Columbia

Mutant Something

Some people might say, it’s the walls and the structure that builds a home, well that’s what a house is. The meaning of a home is deep into the foundation of memories. A home is built by the hearts and souls of the innocents of the home, which is what home means to me. The real meaning to home. A delighted little place you can trust. That you can come back to, it stays waiting for you. For no one but the once little souls who made a house a home. You can’t take your home anywhere, but it waits there for you. Imagine if they had a soul with you, waiting all that time for you, just to know that you wouldn’t return. That you left it, feelings it would feel. Like when people get left out, the hurtful feelings strike, you don’t feel good, do you? Again, a house is the structure, but to me, it’s the souls and belongings that make a difference, that make it a home. Your house could start off completely empty, then as you move in, things could stay calm, or go crazy. All the houses and homes are shaped different fashions, wild calm, a bit cray, full and combined between the five. Now a family makes a home, but there could also be pets, animals which will be included with the family to support the foundation too. A house needs to be rooted deeply into the ground, and the way a house turns into a home. There are many ways to do that. Such as a nice slow transformation, or in the same formation, it could be faster. And for those are the differences between a house, a home, and the real feelings that they mean to me.