Grade 6


Mt New Home

Pulling up the driveway
Looking out the window
My heart skipping beats.
The car stops.
I raced out of the car faster than light.
Waiting at the door for my family.
The key goes in the door.
It’s like time stopped.

My mind set on one thing…
Getting through the door.
Then it opens,
I run up the stairs,
My mind racing me.
I feel the wood on the handrail.
The carpet under my feet.

Then I am in my new room.
The ideas of what I can do.
My mind overflowing,
I step out of my room and go look at the rest of the house.
I hear my parents talking about what color the walls should be.
My mind overwhelmed about how big my new house is.

To this day I still feel blessed to live in such a wonderful home.
It does not matter the size or how big your house is,
It’s about the family that lives under the roof.
The memories that you make.
And the love that is shared.