Grade 6


Mowgli, my new home

I was sitting on the couch crying, my sister was sitting by my side. Our cat, Tilly, was nestled between us. One last snuggle in the living room. My mom and dad came into the living room.
“It’s time for us to go,” they said.
“I love you,” I said to my beloved Tilly, and I placed her in the kennel. My mom picked up the kennel, then the door shut. That was the last time I saw my baby.

After about a month, I felt something was missing from my life. I always wanted a dog. When we were camping, my dad said, “Look what Michelle sent me!” He showed me a picture of a tiny puppy.
That was Mowgli, I thought! “That’s him?”, I exclaimed to my dad.
“Yep. He’s pretty cute.”
I couldn’t wait, I was so thrilled. I started counting down the days until we got him, 4 days… 2 days… tomorrow! … today!!!
“This way,” Michelle said as she led us to the enormous backyard when we got there. In the yard was a tall kennel-like enclosure, we went inside.
I asked Michelle “Which one is Mowgli?” She went over and picked up a dog that was super precious.
“Here he is!” she said, and placed him in my arms. I finally started to feel that this was real. He leaned against my shoulder for a cuddle. My Mowgli. The puppy of my dreams. The puppy I had been waiting my whole life for was there in my arms at last. I knew that he was the one Tilly wanted me to find. It feels like the hole in my heart is finally filled. I felt home with Tilly but sadly she’s gone. Mowgli is my new home.