Grade 4

British Columbia

Moving to Canada and Getting Adopted

When I was in India, I had two named Merry and Vanadaina. We worked together and we played together. Then one day I was called to the office. I was scared because I thought I was in trouble. Then I found out that l was’tn in trouble but what I got was a family. When I met my mom, She was tall, but I was happy because I was going to get a home. I went with my mom to Canada and met my grandma, She had a purse for me and it had chocolate. When I got home I loved It.

How I Felt At Home

At home I felt like I was in a safe place, and I felt like I was in motion. I liked my home and where I lived. I was actually? Having my best life ever. I was happy with my parents because they gave me a home. I had a perfect life in my world. I was healthy and happy and every time I went home l felt joy inside of me. I was sometimes spoiled at my house from my mom’s work. At my house I had a pet named Fuji and Fuji was old. At my house my Nana gave me treats.

How My Life Went

My life was perfect because I got to live in Canada and go to a new school.
My home was where I lived with my family and where I got comfortable and get to share my story when I was young.

My home was special because I was waiting for a home and Victoria is where my home is.