Grade 4


Most Important Feeling

I believe that home is the most important feeling. Because you cherish memories, find love, and feel comfortable.

Home is the most comfortable place. When I get home after a rough day of school I can just kick off my shoes and go on my iPad. I can let my pet crawl into my lap or take a nice warm bubble bath.

Home is the place where the most love is to be found. When I get up I see my mom on the couch, then I run into her lap. When I get home from school I say hi to my mom and dad and give them a big hug. It’s easy to find the heart is home.

This place you cherish is where the great memories were made, from the first time I took a step to when my mom and dad said that we were going to Disney World. Birthdays have always been very memorable.

What does home mean to you? To me home means love, comfort, and a place of memories.