Grade 5


More that just a shelter

Home is a place where I love and be loved, understand and be understood. Home is a place we face our ups and downs, no matter how frustrated we are, home is always there for me.

Everyday when it’s time to go home, I get excited because I know that my family will be waiting for me. I share my day with them and they share theirs with me, and then we have a good laugh about it. If I ever feel sad or angry at school, my family will always give me advice, and then I feel stronger and more confident than I ever thought I could be. Once we gather for dinner, I can taste the love and care my parents put into preparing the food that we eat, and what makes me feel the most like home is the special rice that my mom prepares just for us, and once we get started I can feel the love spread all around the room. When it’s time to go to bed, my parents kiss me goodnight.

Home is also a place I learn very important life lessons, like to appreciate and respect what we have, and that it is very lucky of us to have all of this. My parents say that a lot of people do not have a home to live in or any family, I feel that it is unfair that some kids do not have any family, or that they can not stay in a place that can protect them from snow in the winter and heat in the summer. I know that the biggest problem in the world is the problem of poverty and if we all collaborate together and write our essays we might just see the day that poverty ends.