Grade 6

Spruce Grove

More than a House

To many people, a house is building; a building full of furniture and electronics, but a home is more.

A house does not need to be lavish or ornate to be a home, instead it should be filled with memories that will last forever, instead of materialistic gifts. A home should be built with love and care, not bricks and mortar. A home is a place where you are free to be yourself and not judged, a sanctuary where you are free to do what you please. A house and my family will eventually wear down and fall, but the good times will live forever.

Home will be the place of joy and grief, good times and bad, but at the end of every day home will be the place for retiring and play.
Even when times get hard, money tight, home will be there on trying nights.
When my youth is gone and my memory fades, my home and my love will still stand. My home brings tears and nostalgia, though entering it brings me joy. My home is warm, even without a fire. Even if I’ll leave, home will always be with me.

If you reminisce about your home, what do you remember? I could remember sitting in front of the tv at breakfast, helping my mom sow flowers, or playing with my siblings. These are the memories that make up a home, not a structure, but love.

I hope that this poem will do greater good by building a home for a deserving family. I expect that all the new homes being built with this contest will make a family very happy; I wish them safe living and good luck!