Grade 6

Nova Scotia

More than 4 walls

Home is so much more than 4 walls and a roof…

I call my house, home because it is something I know inside and out.
The feeling of home is steady.
If my house was gone, the feeling would stay.

This is where my family eats, sleeps and loves me.
It is a piece of our lives, it shows what we are.

Love, understanding, encouragement,forgiveness,
Comfort, life, memories, happiness that is my home

Home is freedom. Home is acceptance.
Where you let your true self shine.
Not hiding your feelings or passions.

My home is one large welcome mat,
It welcomed friends that have come and gone
And a reminder that family stays.
A reminder of the past and present .

There are memories tucked in all its corners from
years ago to yesterday,
of happiness and sorrow,
from giant leaps to baby steps

My heart is anchored to the place I call home.
It is not only a house, it is a kingdom, a story, a feeling