Grade 6



Memories in My Home

Home, the place where I belong to be with my family and too make memorably moments. Every second counts in my house. Together those moments turn into memories.

My funny mom tells me “Today Little Moment, Becomes Tomorrows Big Memories” and it’s true. Home means the world to me. We make lovable memories.

In our kitchen, I can smell my mom’s freshly baked biscuits! I go and grab one before there all gone “ha-ha” I’m so sneaky! My sister comes “uh oh” hide! That was a hilarious moment!

The rooms in my house, hold many memories. My brother is the cutest little thing in our house. He makes the family joyful! If it’s the adorably little sparkle in his eye or his chubby cheeks, there is something about him that we all love! He makes each room special. He ties all the memories, so they won’t leave our house! My other brother loves trucks and him and I sometimes play together. I love making my family laugh it makes me feel lucky to have them and they make me feel great inside. My sister and I like to listen to music and draw. In my home we all respect each other and spend time with each other. Home to me is a place for good times and it’s about family.

Home can mean different things to different people. My home is the place for me, it’s where I belong. I belong in my home. Moments turn into memories and days turn into years, the life in your home can go on forever. Memories are an enormous thing in my house. The wonderful houses all different and unique, perfect for the proud owner of it. Most of all it’s the loved ones inside that keep it together!