Grade 5


Memories of Life

My Home is where my life is. A Home isn’t just four walls and a roof, it’s a life. A home doesn’t have to be huge and fancy, it just needs to be warm and snug. When I get home from school, homework is what my brother and I do in our cozy home. A home is where you laugh and play all day. Some people might live in the darkness, but I think everyone deserves a warm shelter. It doesn’t matter how small or fancy people or houses are, we all deserve one. Your Home is where you might have your best memories maybe in the living room on the couch or maybe where you had your first sleepover. A house is where you start your day, have family and friends over and play all day. Your home is where you are funny even when times are not sunny. In your home you can lay on your bed and let your imagination flow onto the beach. Home is where you can feel the breeze when you open the window in summer. Home is where you can be creative and calm.Home is where you do your best. Home is where you can feel good in every way. When you feel down your family will be there to turn that feeling upside down. When you feel a little blue a little treat will do. When you feel like you had a nice day your pets will await. Home is where you can feel lazy in any way. Home is where you are loved in any way when you share your day. Home is where you can share your feelings when you’re down or shy today.