Grade 4


Memories in My Home

I make lots of memories in my home. Now I’m going to tell you about those memories. First of all, the one thing that makes my home special is my sister. The living room is where my sister and I watch Mickey Mouse Club House together. My dogs Miya, Oden and Nova are a very important part of my home too. Downstairs where Miya my German Shepherd, Oden my staffer shire terrier Pitbull and Nova my other Staffer shire terrier Pitbull and I play together and watch a show too. The kitchen is where my mom makes a delicious supper and I test taste a little. The dining room is where the family eats and laughs because grandpa told a funny story about mom when she was little. My bedroom is where I lay down and say nothing because when I touch that bed, I’m out. My backyard is where we had my pool party birthday. I hope I can make some more memories in my home. Then I can tell you more!