Grade 5


Memories from Home

My home means a lot to me, it is where I hold and cherish all my memories, where I cook and eat my pancakes every Sunday, where I learned English but most of all where I spend time with my family the most. My home means everything to me and it will always be that way.
Home is where all my memories get born and where I hold them in my heart. In my home is where I make all of my most memorable memories. Home is where all the major points in my life have happened. Those days in my home became my most treasured memories and ones that I will never forget. Home is where I learned English, where I started cooking, where I go to sleep every night, where I see my family every day, but most of all, where everybody supports the life and every breath of our home!
Home is where I got prepared for every single challenge in my life. Home is the perfect place for me to get ready for the new challenges in life. My home helps me, informs me, and makes me feel more confident before I need to get ready for school when I need to meet new friends, learn something new, and many more. At home is where I got prepared and where I had to face some difficulties in life and where every one of my problems got sorted out. I got prepared with the help of my home and my family, without them I wouldn’t be the same person that I am today.
Home is where I spend all of my time with my family. Home is where all my family gather together and live with peace and happiness.