Grade 5



To me the meaning of home is the memories that are made in it. I love being home because of all the memories it has for me. Like when my little sister and then my baby brother came home for the first time it was amazing to meet them for the first time, and hold them, then getting to help teach them to walk and play. It means so much to me to make these memories with the people I love the most.
Memories that are made in the home can be both happy and sad, like when we got the news that my great grandma passed away it was really hard on us as a family. We were really sad but what helped us get through it was remembering the happy times and all our favorite memories with her. By remembering happy memories it makes it easier for us to get through the sad ones. With this year being a tough one and everyone being home more I find it is important to try and make as many happy memories as you can with your family.
I have found that some times with everyone being home so much my siblings can get me frustrated so it’s important for me to have a place to calm down and think back on the happy and fun memories, then I can go back to making more of those happy moments.
Remember to slow down and be happy, make lots of memories and enjoy the time at home with your family and loved ones. I only have one more thing to say, unplug, be in the moment and stay HAPPY!