Grade 5




To me, my home means everything. Wonderful times come and go, but the memories of those times will stay with me forever. I have memories of my family playing and having fun in my home. The walls in my home keep my family close together and help make memories throughout the years. Home makes them unforgettable. The best memory of all is simply having a home.

What would a homeless person’s memories be like?
A homeless person does not have any shelter or comfort, like I do. Everyday living on the street would be frustrating. Would they have memories of playing and having fun with the people they love? Would they have memories in fun places? Would they only have memories of sad times and every time they struggled to do something? Would they have any memories at all?

We need to put a stop to homelessness and start writing so each and every homeless person has a chance to make unforgettable and amazing memories. Each and every piece of writing counts and they all help get rid of homelessness. The memory of having a home is by far the best memory of all and everyone should get a chance to experience that.