Grade 4


meaning of ome

Some people think a home is just four walls and a ruof but it is much more.
I am at home when I sit on my couch and drink hot chocolate.I love my
I loved my dog and he was the best thing I had.His name was Daxter but I
Cald him Dax for short.I have so many memories of him.I was devastated wh-
en he died and every time I think of him I feel broken
This is what I think of home.Home is a wonderful, joyful, amazing place to
be.I am in home most of the time but sometimes I am not in home.
Some people think home is just a building but it is much more.
Home is a great place to be.
I love my sister for reasons and there are a lot but I can’t name them all.
I wish I could spend every second with her but I have school and sports.
We do fight a lot but we always end up laughing.
I love my mom and dad but I fight with them.
They are the best parents ever and they will be forever and ever.
When I am with them I am at home.I love them with all my heart.
I would do anything for them.I don’t always listen but sometimes do.
I love my mom and dad so much.
This is my home and I love it .Everyone should have a home like mine.
It is the best thing that has ever happened to me.