Grade 4


Meaning of My Home and Family

Meaning of my Home and Family
At my house I get memories of my family because when I’m sad they lift me up. I have memories of my friends because friends are important too. My family and friends like to play sports with me like basketball and football. My family cares about me and a lot of times I care about them too. I spend quality time with my family and we like to hang out together. I enjoy playing games with my family and I have a lot of fun watching movies with them. My family likes to hang out in the backyard because a lot of times they help me make pizza and my brothers and sister likes to hang out with me too. My family likes to eat quietly, and my family always bakes Italian food like sausage pizza, anyoke pasta and Italian chicken that is called fitena. And sometimes I like to be alone in my room. Mostly because I have to settle down. A lot of times I relax with my family on the couch when the fire place is on and a lot of times I relax with my big brother and snuggle with him. Home is the place that keeps me and my family warm. Is my house we have heaters everywhere like upstairs, the basement and even the middle floor and even my mom and dad’s washroom because that place keeps me warm! I feel that home is a good place for me.