Grade 5


Meaning of my home

Hello! I’m going to tell you about the meaning about my home.
For a home it can be almost anything to a box to a car or to house!

A meaning of home for me is where I feel comfortable , safe and protected in. Where I can calm down if I get mad or stressed.

Where I can spend time with my friends and family and take a nap or sleep. A place to have freedom , and good food to eat and drink , a place to stay when it’s hot and cold

A place to be independent , to study a place if you want to be alone for a little if your upset also a place to go when your upset.

Also a place for happiness , love , joy , fun and peace where you can play with your friends , cousin and your siblings and be joyful , happy and loved and have some peace at sometimes!

Also a place to enjoy and to love your home because it might be your everything including your family.