Grade 4

Newfoundland and Labrador

Meaning of my home

Meaning of My Home

My home is a place where I can be cozy and comfy
It’s where I can smile with my family.
A home is not just a spot with four walls and a roof.
You might have a couch in your home or a door but most importantly you spend time with your family.
My home is special in every way.
It makes me happy every day
It is good to play with who you love.

I am thankful for my home because I can be free
I’m lucky I have a home because there are millions of people that live under a bridge.
When I think of those people that want a home, sometimes I even cry
But even when I do, my family is still there for me.
When we argue we still love each other, no matter what in my home.

Me and my family never where a frown
If we do we will switch it right around.
Me and my family work together at my home.
We keep it tidy and we’re always persistent
My home is where we can always feel safe.
My family and I are down sometimes but that’s okay because no one’s home is perfect.

I could never ask for a better family or a home because it’s a spot where you can eat at the table with family and friends.
I know that I could never ask for a better home or family.
That is the meaning of my home.
That is my home and that’s just how I want it.