Grade 5


Meaning of Homes

A place that I call home is my happy zone.
Homes can be a place where you can express your feelings of joy, gratitude, and peace.
You can also express frustration, anger, and grief.
Homes are special in every single way,
no matter what the people say.
It is one thing to own a house but this is not the same,
A home is where you have your family with problems that you overcame.
My home has my mom and my dad,
And when I’m sad or mad they make me glad.
It also has my sister and my dog,
Who I like to play games with, like leapfrog.
A Home could be a shack, an apartment, a tent,
or a mansion even if it’s just for rent.
Homes are beautiful just the way they are,
your home is beautiful even if it looks bizarre.
Your home is your home and at the end of a long and tiring day,
you should be able to say
“This is my Home sweet home” so hip hip hurray!
You should love your home even if it is small, crooked or falling apart,
because the home you live in has sentimental value in your heart.