Grade 5

British Columbia

Meaning of Home To Me

The meaning of home is where my family belongs and lives. Your home isn’t all about where you have your electronics. Life isn’t about electronics. It’s about being with your family and enjoying the time you have with them. The most important things in your home are pets for companionship, your own space with a bed, toys, furniture, warmth, shelter from the weather, protection, laughter, and most importantly the love you have between your family and friends and memories of important parts of life. When you’re at home you have a kitchen with food and clean water. You will have paper to make art, draw, work, and write. You have laughter, books, and clothes in your house. Having laughter, friendship, memories, family, pets, toys, and places to play, all in your house is making it a home. For example, memories of when you got your first pet, when you got four feet tall, when your little sibling always likes to play. Those are memories in your home and that’s why when you move it’s a hard time because you have all those memories that you’re just leaving behind. Although not everybody has a home full of memories. There are over 235 000 Canadians experiencing homelessness and rising. These people deserve a home or proper home. Can you live with all those people not having a proper safe home or even just living in huts made of sticks and metal scraps? Every year the amount of people who are experiencing homelessness doubles. If we give money for the homeless, we can lower the rate of endangered people. When people have a home, they are healthier and safer. This is why home is important.