Grade 6

Stellarton NS
Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home (to me)

Home is cozy, safe and supportive,

Or at least it should be, so I hope this is informative.

Memories made everywhere,

Memories of love, happiness and care.

I feel so privileged to eat a meal in my own home,

But I know others are stuck, paying off a loan!

A home should be great, for just the right people,

Making a river of love flow in a river.

Everybody deserves an amazing home,

For it’s much, much better than being all alone.

Maybe you have a house, that’s not quite home,

Or maybe no home at all, for most that seems unbelievable.

In my own home, it’s always quite busy,

It doesn’t matter to me it’s not like I feel dizzy!

A house can be anywhere, any building,

But a home is much different, and better

A home should be the safest place to stay.

Everyone needs a home, I hope it’s clear to you,

And thanks to Habitat for Humanity, we can make that dream come………

T R U E !