Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc

Meaning of Home to Me

Have you ever thought about how privileged you are to have a home and the wonderful things it has? I think the three most important things about your home are safety, shelter and family.

I think one of the meanings of home is your safety because anything could happen to your home without safety. Like if you don’t have a fire alarm and there is a fire you can put yourself and your home in very bad situation. It also helps you by preventing you from burning for too long in the summer or getting a big frostbite in the winter. I think that when you’re safe you can feel happy and comfortable.

I think one other important meaning of home is shelter.
I think it is shelter because you can’t really have what you have in a home if you don’t have a shelter to live in. For example if you don’t have a shelter you feel uncomfortable, lonely, sad and you don’t make good memories. However if you live in a home that is a shelter you feel comfortable, happy and you can have family to comfort you and lastly you make very good memories.

Lastly I think the most important meaning of home is family. I think it is family because I think that if you don’t have family in your home you may feel scared, worried, or lonely. However if you have a home with family you will not feel worried, sad, and lonely. I really can’t imagine not having a family. We should be all very thankful to have one and a very nice one.

In conclusion I think these are the three most important things about the meaning of the word home.
I really can’t imagine how it would feel not to have a home and I am so thankful for that.