Grade 5


Meaning of Home (To Me)

The meaning of home to me is having a safe, secure place to live, being with my family, feeling comfort and making memories to remember for a lifetime.

One meaning of what home means to me is having a safe and secure place to live. What that means to me is living in a place where it is safe and doesn’t have any wars of your parents fighting and are taking care of you appropriately. Having a safe and secure place to live also means to be living in a place that is safe with your family that gives you a shelter to cook delicious meals and to have a fun experience with your friends and family.

Being with my family to me means not to just be with your family but to be making alot of good memories and having lots of fun with your family. Being with your family to me also means to feel safe with people you love and trust.

Feeling comfort to me means to not only feel comfortable but to feel comfort when you are in your home and to feel safe. To me feeling comfort means to feel comfortable and not scared of your parents but to feel love and free in your home.

Making memories to remember for a lifetime to me means to be having fun in your life with your friends at your house making memories that you can remember when you have to move out to university or college or when you are moving out to a new house. Making memories with your siblings and all the people you love or trust at home. When you are sad you look for things to do at home. Then you say home’s boring but what if you didn’t have a home?