Grade 6


Meaning of Home to Me

What the meaning of Home is to me:

To have a safe place to go, to and let friends and family in . And a comfortable place to go as well.

When I think of home. I think of somewhere that we: fight,,and respect.

My House:

It is chaotic and crazy. But when it’s just us, it’s kinda calm.We love eachother 100% even when we fight or don’t get along, we still love each other.

When I think of the homeless:

Whenever I see people asking for food or money if they don’t have jobs for food or a place to live. I feel bad, But people do give them a home or money for food and a house or an apartment to stay in. But there’s also probably a reason why they can’t afford a place to stay.

Why i’m lucky to have a home:
Because my mom and dad have jobs to pay the bills and for food. My mom and dad are hard working people. I feel bad for the people that don’t have a home and the people that live on the streets. So i am lucky to have two hard working parents.

So what i’m trying to say is that: Home is a place where love,food,warmth is. All of it is there. But home to me is EVERYTHING! That is where i grow up. So THAT is what the meaning of home means to me!!