Grade 6

Lower Sackville
Nova Scotia

Meaning of Home to Me

I walk in and I see my fireplace. I look to my left and see my dogs wagging their tails. I put down my backpack and give my dogs a treat. I start to head to my room so I can get a rest. I wake up and check the time. I get up for a glass of water. I call my friend so we can play video games; Rocket League and Call of Duty Warzone. Then my parents get home. My dad starts to make supper; I sometimes help to make supper. Then we eat supper. I usually have some type of meat with my supper. Sometimes I have to go to basketball. I really like my team. I have all my friends on it. When I get home from basketball I usually lay in my bed and watch YouTube because I’m so tired. Then it’s my bedtime. I watch YouTube till I fall asleep. Then I wake up feeling so refreshed. I hop in the shower to get all clean before I have to head back to school. My mom drives me to school, I give her a hug and then go off to school.