Grade 6


Meaning of Home Poem

What does home mean to you?
Well to me it’s a safe place, is it the same for you too?
Home is different for everyone.
It can also be really fun.

My home is where I smile.
It’s also where I met my friend Kyle.
I make my food everyday.
Home is where I like to play.

A sad thing is, some people don’t have a home.
Is that something you think about when you’re all alone.
People are working everyday so people have a home and food to eat.
Isn’t that something neat!

Even though there’s been a pandemic.
Life still goes on when doing academics.
Covid-19 has been a disaster.
But when I had online classes, I learnt faster.

During this time, my home has been my safe place.
Hopefully this poem will get people to put on a happy face.
When you read this poem, think of what home means to you.
Your home can be anywhere that means that something too.

Home is a feeling, not a place.
Home for you can even be when you’re running a race.
For me home is where my family is.
Family is forever but your home can change.

Home is where you’re comfortable and safe.
Now everyone reading this, please don’t forget to smile and stay safe in these times.
Thank you for reading this rhyme.
I hope you had a blissful time.