Grade 4


Meaning of Home Poem

Meaning of Home Poem

H-O-M-E means a lot to me.
I’ve made the most precious memories like when my dog softly and snuggly gone on my lap and drifted to sleep.

Around my home it’s always as peaceful as a graveyard. I feel as if I’m in a safe and secure shelter with my family surrounding me along with my peaceful playful pets.

H-O-M-E is my warm welcome and is a comforting place were I can enjoy myself and not worry about being judged on what I like and what I wear. Home is my joyful place were i hear my mom chopping food * chop chop chippity chop * and cooking food *sizzle crackle pop* and working really hard on cleaning * Vvvvrrm *.

H-O-M-E is where my heart is and it’s there to stay. It has its ups and downs but it will always be the place i love most. Then at bedtime i lay down in my bed and think *i am so lucky and grateful to have this amazing home* and i sleep and stay for another unknown adventure.